2014 Taxidermy & Game Processing Prices

  • Skinning: $25
  • Cape For Shoulder Mount: $20*
    *Cape fee only applies if we are not doing the taxidermy work
Standard Processing

Your choice of any combination of the following: $2.65 per lb:

  • Steaks
  • Roast
  • Cubesteak
  • Stew
  • Backstraps whole, sliced, or butterflied
  • Tenderloins whole
  • Ground with or without beef fat

*$2.65 per lb. is applied to finished weight

Standard Processing

*These are additional cost products. Prices do not include processing fee, meat must be processed before making these products.

  • Sausage: Hot or Mild   $0.60 per lb.
  • Summer Sausage or Trail Bologna:  $4.89 per lb.
  • Summer Sausage or Trail Bologna
    with Cheddar or Jalapeno cheese:  $6.00 per lb.
  • Slim Jims Hot or Mild:   $5.89 per pack
  • Slim Jims Hot or Mild:
    with Cheddar or Jalapeno cheese:  $7.00 per pack
  • Pickled Slim Jims:  $8.25 pint jar 
  • Jerky:   $5.89 per pack
    Original, Mesquite, Hickory, Hot, Cajun, Jalapeno, Teriyaki, or Cracked pepper
  • Stuffys Bobs: $10.00 per pack
    (marinated meat, wrapped in bacon with cream cheese and jalapenos. 2 skewers per pack with 5 pieces per skewer)
Stuffy's pricing guide for the 2014 taxidermy and game processing season.